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The Wigston Framework Museum  (Exclusive)   LE18, Leicester, Leicestershire
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The Wigston Framework Museum Ghost Hunt  (Exclusive)

Saturday 3rd February 2018


Wigston Frameworks Museum

The Framework Knitters museum was firstly built as a 2 storey Farm house in 1695. And then was extended with another floor in around 1780.
Inside the cottage it is bursting with history. from pictures and art work from the past family owners to many items of furniture.
Along with this lovely cottage we have the chance to investigate the 1890 two storey frame-shop. Which contains eight Knitting frames. when you enter into the workshop you have a feeling that you have gone back in time.

In the last few visits we have been getting increasingly more things via different methods and these things seem to all slot together and with different guest picking up the same things on different nights as well, some of these guests have never met or even been on a ghost hunt together either, so as we go deeper there is a lot of history revealing its self.... 

lets venture back in time and see what secrets are revealed...